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I am actively working to better understand infectious diseases from multiple perspectives. Get in touch to participate! 


Molecular identification of pathogens in wildlife

This project is starting on 2020. I will use molecular techniques to identify pathogens in different wildlife tissues. News on this one soon! 


Ecology of infectious diseases

I used ecological niche modeling in order to characterize the potential distribution of pathogens and infectious diseases. Most recent work includes oropouche virus,  melioidosis, and anthrax.


Digital epidemiology 

I explore different avenues of digital epidemiology to assess patterns of infection for different diseases. Recent work involves coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019) in Ecuador and dengue in Brazil. 


Trematodiases in the Americas

Trematodes are non-segmented flat worms that are one of the most neglected parasite groups although they cause different diseases in humans. Recent work includes the identification of Amphimerus spp. and Paragonimus mexicanus second intermediate hosts.  


Tropical medicine and other parasitosis

Snake bite, leishmaniasis, human intestinal parasitosis have been also focus of my previous studies and I still have data to process and eventually publish... 


Epidemiology of superbugs and antibiotic resistance

Is the battle against antibiotic resistance a lost war? In the hospital field where the fight is overwhelming, bad prescriptions of antibiotics and unexpected outbreaks are daily news. Understanding the problem and how prevent it is key to shift our position to the winning side, thus, education to all the people involved plays a major role.  


Lectures and workshops

I have been in touch with different institutions to develop workshops and deliver lectures regarding different aspects of infectious diseases. I am happy to participate or contribute to conferences or ongoing virtual symposiums.


Science communication

"Antorcha Verde" was a free digital magazine that promoted scientific outreach in Spanish. This initiative was part of the Society of Scientific Communication "Quinto Pilar". The image is the portrait of the last released edition. 

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